Service & Maintenance Contracts

Air conditioning units in the home or business have to have a certain airflow and this has to be maintained for optimal economy and long term usage of the equipment, prevention is better than cure
Airconditioning equipment maintenance and servicing is so importamt

Maintenance! Maintenance! Maintenance!

Maintaining units is both cost effective in machine life, but also in running costs. The photographs here show a typical airflow when a unit is installed correctly and some of our engineers busy maintaining units.


Preventative Maintenance

Due to an air conditioning system’s need for servicing, we have now provided a maintenance programme that has been made available to any customer with any type of air conditioning system new or old.


The Preventative Maintenance Contract consists of one or two visits per year where a service engineer willregular equipment maintenance save money and heartache check the complete system. In the event of any anomalies such as loss off gas, replacement of filters or electrical faults the service engineer will repair or replace such problems, these will be included in the cost of the maintenance contract. A worry free answer to a continuous temperature controlled environment.

Lifetime expectancy on air-conditioning with regular servicing is a minimum of 15 years, but systems without regular service are being replaced after just 3 to 4 years costing substantial amounts of money.

Guarantees from most air conditioning companies do not include a regular service. 

The gas refrigerant and filters in air conditioning systems should be checked on a regular basis, loss of gas or filter blockage over a period of time will cause the machine to run high and will take longer to reach its temperature costing the customer more in electricity. Eventually the compressor the main component of your system will over heat and cease to function causing another expense compared to preventative servicing.

Most of us never think how important our air conditioning is until it malfunctions. Not only can regular service help to prevent a breakdown, it can also improve the efficiency of your system and extend its life.

In the long run, preventative maintenance saves the customer money, best of all they will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their system will run efficiently when they need it the most.

Get a quote for your system, new or existing clients; we will service all types of units whether they were purchased from us or another company.

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