We alone as a company had to replace 27 air-conditioning systems in one year, on the Costa del Sol, that were under 4 years old – costing clients in total nearly €64,000! We had to replace them due to lack of maintenance, costing clients thousands.  Put simply, these systems would not have had to have been replaced if they had been properly maintained.
Learn below how our maintenance clients will never be in this situation and how you can have complete peace of mind for your own aircon units.

It’s all about lack of information!

Clients were not aware that air conditioning units, like other heating and cooling systems, need to have a regular service for them to last! Do you believe that – “Air conditioning maintains itself” or “once fitted you never have to worry about it?”

27 clients found out the hard way that this is not true! Of the 27 machines replaced not one had been looked after…..they had never been serviced, never maintained!

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The Preventitive Maintenance Programme

The largest majority of our clients are now part of our preventative maintenance programme which includes a 12 point check; this ensures that their systems have a life expectancy of at least 15 years!

Our Maintenance programme has many benefits
  • Cutting out bad odours
  • Keeping your system environmentally friendly
  • Reducing your electrical consumption
  • Peace of mind with our 12 hour call out

What is included in the Platinum Preventative Maintenance?

Call Any Time 24/7

Our team of staff will be on call or will return any answer phone messages promptly

Service Engineer Within 12 hrs

To give you peace of mind and a temperature controlled environment when you need it most.

Dedicated Engineer

Our engineers are dedicated to ensuring your machine is running efficiently.

Technical Backup

Our technical engineers have 32 years experience in all aspects of air conditioning.

Customer Service

Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction at all times.

Energy Saving

With regular services your air conditioning systems can save you money each year on electrical consumption and life expectancy.

12 Point System Check

1. Check, clean and calibrate thermostat.
 2. Check the refrigerant charge level.
 3. Inspect all visible refrigerant lines for leaks.
 4. Inspect and monitor the starting capabilities of the system.
5. Monitor the air temperature for proper cooling and heating.
6. Inspect all accessible duct work for leaks.
7. Lubricate all moving parts. 
8. Inspect and adjust the fan and fan components. 
9. Inspect all filters and clean.
10. Service any drain pump that is present.
11. Inspect electrical circuit breakers and fuses for proper size.
12. Inspect drain lines for proper drainage and leaks.

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How much will it cost me?

Split systems from only 7€ per month, or

Ducted systems from only 16€ per month

If you would like more information on how this programme could benefit you please do not hesitate to contact us.

Or if you are ready to start saving money right now, call us on (0034) 952 196 078 (or 630 424 858 for technical support) and we’ll take care of you straight away.